It’s that time again boys and girls for more – FUN WITH GIFS!!!!!!! ================================================== Rock, paper, scissors…. Skillz…. What sorcery is this? Not gonna lie… I’m impressed. DBZ vs Marvel… yeah, pretty much. Wash day… That was a close shave…. Again… impressed. These Trump memes are hilarious. I’ve been watching the TV series “Zoo”… I knew how this was going to end. That’s one sick … Continue reading FUN WITH GIFS!!!!


Hey boys and girls!!!  It’s that time again for more FUN WITH GIFS!!!! ================================ =================================== ==================================== ===================================== ======================================== ======================================== ====================================== ==================================== ==================================== ====================================== ======================================= ====================================== ===================================== ====================================== ====================================== ====================================== ===================================== =================================== ================================== ================================= ================================ =============================== ================================== ==================================== ==================================== =================================== ================================ ================================== Keep scrolling down.  Totally worth it. ================================ ================================= ================================= ================================= ================================== =================================== ==================================== ==================================== Until next time folks! Continue reading FUN WITH GIFS!!!!


HEY KIDS!!!   Guess what time it is?  It’s for FUN WITH GIFS!!!! ======================================== HA!!  The one Storm Trooper than can hit something! =========================================== How the Titanic could have been saved. ============================================= That how you recover like a boss. ============================================= You’re so bad!  #FirstWorldProblems ====================================================== Hi Pluto!!  Bye Pluto!!!  #feels ==================================================== Jesse Ventura… eat your heart out.  The Rock showing why he’s the biggest badass … Continue reading FUN WITH GIFS!!!!!!!


Hey boys and girls!!!  After a long hiatus, it’s the return of FUN WITH GIFS!!!! ============================ Oh…. wow. ============================ Dope. =============================== YOU GONNA LEARN TODAY!!! =================================== Like a boss!! ================================== I’m sorry….  you will never have as much funk as this dude. ================================== Cold. ================================= If you haven’t seen the new Suicide Squad trailer yet… I’m sicking Harley on you. =================================== Even being highly unnecessary, … Continue reading FUN WITH GIFS!!!!

Fun with GIFS!

Let me start out with a small tribute to a great comedian I’ve been a fan of since his less family-oriented HBO stand up days and has brought me years (and my kids through his animation work) of joy and laughter. R.I.P. Robin Williams.   ================================= That was a bit cruel… and hilarious… ============================= Ouch….  So We Know You CAN’T Dance… =============================== PERVER—-  oh. ========================= … Continue reading Fun with GIFS!