Hey there boys and girls!!!  It’s that time again for FUN WITH GIFS!!!!!

This squirrel just ate all the bird seeds in a feeder. LOL
Star Wars has just gotten TOO darn cute!
An accurate portrayal of the release of Windows X
The Japanese are at it again!
The moment you realize your friends are insane.
This kid… she has talent.
Scorpion…eat your heart out. GET OVER HERE!!!!
I have no idea what cosplay this is… but dope!!!
You can’t sell those druuu, er… pots? here?
Better than M. Night’s Last Airbender movie.
When the Ambien kicks in.
“Baseball”, Directed by Michael Bay
Fat Bastard from Austin Powers kid.
I can’t stop laughing!!
Flirting… or at least how I used to do it.
I take it he doesn’t like gators. And boy is that gator fast. RLMAO!
When you’re in an argument, but you’ve gotta look good for Facebook
Okay, some idiot actually made a drone that can shoot a gun. Skynet, here we come.
Fail? Yeah… fail.
How precise my boys and I are when planning a trip to Miami!
Candy cane slide, donated by Excedrin.
Oooh, BURN!!!

Reason # 485 why I’m down with The Rock.
It’s all good until zombies.  Sleep tight.
Priorities. He knows what’s important.
Skydiving I can get down with.
See… you took it too far.

Oh, did I say and idiot pun a gun on his drone? How about this fool with a machine gun on his. (facepalm)
The greatest audience assist ever.

Until next time.  Stay safe and wear yellow!