Ant-Man (2015): The Two Extra-Scene Review/Analysis #SPOILERS

Unless, you’re one of those people, you know to stay after the credits of a Marvel movie.  Oh yeah, and #SPOILERS.

Wasp Reveal

Right after the title credits, we see Hank and Hope Pym go back down into his basement where he opens yet another door that leads to an experimental Wasp suit he and Janet never finished.  In the movie, Hank expressed great amounts of trepidation about letting his EXTREMELY capable daughter anywhere near the Ant-Man suit.  During Janet’s last battle (1980’s) to destroy an ICBM launched at the U.S.; in order to get into the structure through the seams, Hank was going to shrink down past the size threshold to stop the missile, risking shrinking down into the quantum zone and disappearing forever.  Unfortunately, his regulator was damaged and Janet heroically shrunk down, destroying the missile’s systems and fading away into the quantum zone forever.

Hank, finally realizing that Hope’s destiny is to be a part of the fight to come, shows her the suit and she turns around with the well-deserved exclamation, “It’s about damn time.”

About damn time indeed.  It was obvious from the very beginning that Hope was a force to be reckoned with especially she’s more adept at using the suit and its powers, but that didn’t diminish Scott Lang’s role.  As he said, he was the sacrifice if something went wrong because Hank really did love his daughter more than he could truly express or that she could truly understand at the time.  However, now it’s Wasp’s time and I think it’s safe to say that she’s kicking butt and not taking names.

With that said, what will also be interesting to see is how they will alter her power-range in any future movie.  I’m pretty sure Hope will have a role in the upcoming Captain America Civil War (2016) movie.  So outside of the ability to shrink, will she still have the “Stinger Blasts”?  Will they add the ability for her to also control insects?  Say, wasps or other flying insects?  In the comics she also had the power to control insects, but this power was rarely if ever used.  I also hope we get to see Scott and Hope do the one thing they didn’t reveal in movie – the ability to grow gigantic!

Also, in the comics, Hope ends up becoming a villain.  So, who knows?

Captain America Civil War (2016) Tie-In

After the final credits roll, we open to a scene to where Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson are in an abandoned warehouse discussing what to do with a captured Bucky Barnes, more popularly known as The Winter Soldier.  You can visibly see that his metallic hand is pinned in the jaws of a machine and he’s obviously under a lot of distress – probably from an epic fight scene we’ll see next year.    From what I can gather, Steve and Sam probably worked together to capture him and now they’re debating as to what to do with him.

You can see that Steve has little desire to bring him back to Tony Stark.  When Sam asks, “Should I call Stark?” Steve immediately replies, “No.”  The rift between Steve and Tony is now realized and he is drawing a line in the sand between what he deems is right and what he perceives as what Tony might consider appropriate.  In Avengers Age of Ultron (2015), Tony is starting to act on the paranoia that started in Iron Man 3 (2013).  Ultron’s very existence can be thanked to Tony trying to find a way to militarize a response to the ever growing population of powered beings, aliens and “Gods” that seem to be popping up with greater frequency.  It wouldn’t be lost on anyone if you stopped, pondered and said, “Wait… isn’t this all Tony’s fault?”

One of the things referenced in the conversation with Steve was a possible hint to Spider-Man’s existence in the MCU.

Sam says, “We’ve got one that jumps, we’ve got one that swings, we’ve got one that crawls up the walls.”

Now the fact he says this as though he’s talking about three different people should just be ignored.  This scene was shot before Marvel and Sony created the joint venture that will now allow Spider-Man to participate in Civil War.  In the comics, Spidey was a pivotal character used to sell the Superhuman Registration Act – even to the point where he revealed his identity as Peter Parker to the world, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Tony to legitimize the action.

So it’s clear that this is the official “Spider-Man is in the MCU” reference and now we’re off.

Another nugget is that a SIGNIFICANT event has happened that changes the entire dynamic of the MCU.  In the comics, the Superhuman Registration Act (SRA) is passed after a terrible event where 800+ people are killed when a young powered hero’s powers explode, destroying part of Stamford, CT.  The act makes it a mandatory that beings with powers register themselves to S.H.I.E.L.D. and disclose their powerset.  If not, they be hunted down and it’s jail time.  They are then categorized into specific classes; the most useful are co-opted and trained under their supervision.  Captain America isn’t a government lackey, as was established in Winter Soldier (2014) – he’s a patriot.  Thus he doesn’t just fall in line because you tell him to, nor does he carry out acts that fly in the face of (glorified) American ideals just because he’s told to pull the trigger.  He cares about the idealistic American ideals, not a tyrannical government – even an American “democratic” one.  He felt that this breach of civil liberty and social justice was a gross injustice of American values and gathered a team of like-minded individuals to fight Tony Stark, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the government.

My evidence being:

Sam: “This would’ve been a lot easier a week ago.”
Steve: “If we call Tony—”
Sam: “He won’t believe us.”
Steve: “Even if he did—“
Sam: “Who knows if the accords will let him help.”
Steve: “We’re on our own.”

So what I’m interpreting is that some action like the SRA has passed (due to unknown events) and Steve is not feeling it.  So, he’s going out on his own.  The immediate mission though is to secure Steve’s long-time best and childhood friend, Bucky and protect the world from the grip of totalitarianism.

Sam then pauses for a moment and replies, “Maybe not. I know a guy.”

Will this be how Scott Lang or Hank Pym is brought back into the fray?  Maybe shrinking Bucky down into a compact and mobile facility until they can deprogram him?  We’ll see.

This was sort of an odd addition to the film as this is the direct tie-in to Civil War, but it spoke volumes as the state of the MCU and what’s to come in Phase 3.

Man – 2016 is going to be awesome.