9 TV Shows That SHOULD Be On Your DVR List

Over the last decade, the networks have realized that summertime doesn’t mean it has to be the wasteland of reruns and fall season longings.  The first show I remember being a hallmark of the summer TV season was The Howard Stern Show (WWOR) back in the summer of 1990.  That landmark of sophistication aside, networks started finding value and viewers during the longer summer months.  With all of the said, here are some summer shows that I’m eagerly awaiting or watching now.  Enjoy.

Killjoys (Syfy) – Season 1 – Airing Now

Dutch and John Jaqobis, the Killjoys (bounty hunters) and his troubled brother, D’avin Joqobis, are going from mission to mission trying to collect their bounty, not get killed and unwrap the mystery of what’s going on with D’avin.  In this gritty science-fantasy series, we also get flashbacks into Dutch’s mysterious upbringing at the hands of an equally mysterious assassin, Khylen.  What I’m enjoying is the humor, the action and some of the tension that could make this season very interesting.  For now, this show is on my DVR list.

Humans (AMC) – Season 1 – Airing Now

In the future, humanity comes to rely more and more on artificial humanoids (Synths) to make life more comfortable.  However, someone has been programming Synths with full artificial intelligence and a force has been dispatched to find who’s been giving them “life” and destroy the sentient Synths on the loose.  Mia/Anita is a Synth that somehow went missing and a fugitive, Colin, along with his Synth associates are on the hunt to find her before she’s discovered, captured and destroyed.  Mia/Anita has been placed with a family in a suburban, London home and slowly the family begins to realize that she’s a little different.  This isn’t a new concept and is and has been done to varying degrees over the years, but we’ll see what this series has to offer.

Dark Matter (Syfy) – Season 1 – Airing Now

A ragtag team of six people wake up with no memory on a ship filled with a ton of artillery.  What they end up finding out is that they aren’t who they think they are and the truth may be much more troublesome than the lie they’re agreeing to live under.  Honestly, I have no sense of where this show is going or going to go and I find that somewhat refreshing.  There are aspects that get revealed in the first episode that give you a sense of what to expect, but the “point” of the show still eludes me.  For now, I can live with that.

Dominion (Syfy) – Season 2 – Airing Now

God has disappeared and Archangel Gabriel (blaming mankind) has mobalized his Angel forces from Heaven to destroy them.  Archangel Michael, along with the chosen one, Alex, have joined forces to save what’s left of humanity.  Last season didn’t end well for Michael and Alex, and this season doesn’t seem to be fairing any better.  Being the sequel TV series to the movie Legion (2010) where Alex was born, dives deeper into the mythology established in the movie and sets the stage from the final battle between Heaven and Earth.  I like this series a lot.

The Last Ship (TNT) – Season 2 – Airing Now

Commander Tom Chandler and his crew have made the cure to the disease that’s destroying mankind, but that doesn’t mean their mission is over.  Outside of finding that perceived friends are foes and perceived foes may be friends, this season starts a new mission – get the cure to the world.  Having found his family, Tom is in a race against time to save them from the powerful Amy Granderson, the highest ranking member of the White House know to be alive, and her army.  At the end of season one, we find out that Amy has been doing some despicable things for the sake of preserving civilization.  This was my favorite summer series last year and definitely can’t wait to see what happens with the crew of the USS Nathan James.

Mr. Robot (USA) – Season 1 – Airing Now

THIS IS MY FAVORITE NEW SUMMER SERIES YET!!  Wow, this series is a psychological drama that is truly giving me chills.  Elliot Anderson is a Security Technician at Allsafe Security by day, but by night he’s the activist hacker with social anxiety disorders out to right the wrongs of the world one keystroke at a time.  I’m not a programmer and I haven’t coded anything since my C++ days in college a long time ago, but I can tell when writers have done their homework and are giving a real account of how these people think.  Elliot is pursued by another hacker, Mr. Robot, who wants to take his mission to another level.  “Breaking the fourth wall” and speaking directly to we, the viewers, we get the sense that he’s not entirely sure if the conspiracies, people or his thoughts are real.  We’re not sure if he’s in some giant conspiracy to bring down the corrupt corporate structure of the world, or just a nut that has lost his mind.  Either way, this is a fascinating series of intrigue, suspense, conspiracy and emotional instability.  This is a MUST SEE series.

Defiance (Syfy) – Season 3 – Airing Now

Nolan and Irisa are having a bad go of it.  Between getting kidnapped by Irathient gangs, warding off Volge sieges, dealing with Casthien betrayal, surviving the Earth Republic and now fending off the Voltan Collective, life has been hard.  Last season Irisa was taken over by Irzu (Irathient’s version of the Angel of Death) who was hell-bent on terraforming and destroying the human population left on Earth.  Nolan and Irisa now have to make sure they can survive this latest incursion by the Voltan Collective and save what’s left of the little town that is Defiance.

Falling Skies (TNT) – Season 5 – Airing Now

In the final season, it’s all-out war.  Tom Mason, at the cost of his hybrid daughter, Lexi, has struck a major blow to the Espheni invading army.  With the help of the Volm, Tom and team are ready to take the war to the remaining Espheni and destroy them once and for all.  However, this is easier said than done.  The remaining Espheni are numerous and dangerous.  A new threat is emerging out of the rubble and Tom may have just woken a hornet’s nest that may prove to be unstoppable.  I can’t wait to see how this Saving Private Ryan (1998) meets All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) war story ends.  Who knew Stephen Spielberg had this in him?

The Strain (FX) – Season 2 – Premiering July 12, 2015

Based on the trilogy of books of the same name, this series is one of the most chilling vampire series seen on TV.  Aspects of this series remind me of 30 Days of Night (2007) and Blade 2 (2002), not the stories so much as the sinister nature and corrupt physicality of the vampires.  Vampirism is treated like a virus and The Master is the source and controller of that infection.  However, there’s an underground force, along with our hapless vampire-hunters led by Dr. Goodweather and the cantankerous Professor Setrakian, which aim to wipe The Master and his infected puppets from the face of the planet.  After almost succeeding in destroying The Master last season, it’s a race against time to contain the infestation and put a final stake in the heart of a pestilence that’s roamed the Earth for centuries.  Mr. Guillermo del Toro has a twisted mind, but it makes for great TV.