Jurassic World (2015): When Dinosaurs Ruled the Box Office

Indominus Rex:  The largest, baddest, meanest and smartest dino-traction that’s ever been put together in a petri dish.  When attractions and sponsorships are the name of the game, only the newest and coolest attractions will do.  Thus, Masrani Corporation, the inheritor of the Jurassic legacy (from the late John Hammond), opens Jurassic World with the newest, biggest and latest attractions of the prehistoric period.  The pressures of shareholder expectations and the ever increasing and fleeting attention of the public makes the company take certain liberties with dinosaur DNA and begin the process of creating a whole new species of beast.  Thus, Indominus Rex is born.

Claire Dearing (Bryce Howard), the Park Manager, has to keep her boss, investors and her two visiting nephews happy while also trying to manage what appears to be an ever evolving and crafty Indominus that seems to be hellbent on causing a rawkus.  With the help of Owen (Chris Pratt) and his team velociraptors, it’s a race against time to save the visitors of Jurassic World, Claire’s nephews and themselves from the deadliest and most surprising threat yet.

This movie delivered.  Period.  Were there some cornball scenes or lines, yes.  However, that didn’t take away from the story nor did it slow down or stop the movie from progressing and giving the viewing audience the ending it deserved.  Watching the movie, there a few Easter eggs that gave cute and sometimes gut-wrenching nods to the previous movies.  However, I thought they were done in a manner that honored them without being too referential and distracting from what this movie was trying to put across.

Since this is a dinosaur movie, you get see plenty of them in all their cute and horrifying glory.  While still mostly used as props, you really did get a chance to get a sense of a few of the dinosaur’s personalities and their nature.  Owen’s raptors in particular were a great addition to the storyline and helped give you a different sense of what makes them tick and what you can and just plain can’t do with a dinosaur.  Long story short, they aren’t pets but can they be good partners?  Even Indominus, for all her malevolence, you got to see her figure out her world and even some other attributes that just made her one of the more fascinating inventions in this series.

The dino-lab, still run by returning character played by B. D. Wong, Dr. Henry Wu, was a great addition to JW and an appropriate nod to the previous series.  What I also found fascinating is that not everything was as it seemed and the reveals were fresh and not force-fed.  That isn’t to say that the movie didn’t suffer from a few carbon-copy tropes and quite frankly, Claire running through the jungle in high-heeled shoes the whole movie was just a bit silly.  Silly – but forgiven.

This movie will make a gazillion dollars this weekend and it deserves to.  It’s just what the summer ordered and it’s one of the few movies this year so far worth watching again.  While some felt that this franchise had run its course, Jurassic World showed that this genre of movie is far from extinct.

Good night!

Don’t let the raptors bite!