The Big #Geeks Top 5 Movies in 2014

It’s been an interesting year in movies and there have been a lot of bright spots and low points for the geek movie-going audience.  So while “top anything” lists are subjective, I just wanted to take the time out to acknowledge the 5 movies that have been on constant repeat on all of my mobile and video devices so far. 

  1. Godzilla

The original G-Man is back and bigger than ever.  From the standpoint of reintroducing a character that has been a fan favorite for over 50 years after a DISASTROUS reintroduction in 1998, this was worth the wait for me.  Not without its flaws, this was definitely the Godzilla I was hoping to see and am eagerly awaiting the sequel.  3RT Review

  1. Lego Movie

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! thankfully replaced “Let It Go” as the reoccurring song in my head for months.  How Lord & Miller brought this franchise to life was nothing short of genius.  They brought all the whimsical, fantastical and geekily blatant imaginings of the 10 year kid in my head to life.  Please give these fellas and this movie a round of applause.  3RT Review

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy

This movie has done for a modern generation what I believe Star Wars did for my generation.  It brought the drama of human emotion and cosmic wonder down to earth and home to the masses.  It took what could have possibly been the dumbest idea in the world, putting on film a talking raccoon and tree, and made it into one of 1024’s biggest surprise hits and probably the oddest entry into the comic book movie genre of the last 20 years.  Marvel Phase 2 is in full swing.  3RT Review

  1. Dawn of the Planet of Apes

GIVE THAT MONKEY AN OSCAR! Is what I will cry out from rafter to rafter as long as I have breath.  Andy Sirkis brought the ape king, Caesar, to life yet again in the latest tale of the human/simian struggle.  With the maniacal meanderings of Koba to the scared and frantic appeal of Dreyfus, this movie was a Shakespearean presentation of geeky proportions.  I love this movie so much and truly was a movie amongst movies this year.  3RT Review

  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I can honestly say this was by far the best comic book movie I’ve ever seen.  Some people will argue the X-Men Days of Future Past was, but there were so many issues with that film, it’s probably down on the list as probably one of the lesser films (regardless of its box office numbers) this year for me.  I just don’t care for Bryan Singer fluff films.  This movie had what X-Men didn’t:  A well told and solid story.  Few to no continuity errors.  Flushed out characterizations.  A true sense of dramatic change in the universe.  A well thought out use for side characters.  An adversary that you could love and hate without impunity.  Most importantly for me, it’s didn’t insult my intelligence.  This movie replaced Spider-Man 2 (2004) at the top of the heap and I so can’t wait to see what Marvel Studios has in store for this character and franchise.  3RT Review

Merry Christmas, my geeky friends!!