Twitter Reacts to the Aaliyah Biopic – The Internet Wins Again

Soooo, the Aaliyah:  The Princess of R&B aired last night on Lifetime (the venue of many Meredith Baxter Birney movie classics) and has rightfully received the backlash that it deserves.  First it was Zendaya Coleman of Disney’s “Shake It Up” fame, then Alexandra Shipp of less notoriety, but also on the teen TV circuit.  Not that it matter, this movie was doomed from the start especially since Aaliyah’s family, friends, fans, etc. were all against this project from the start.


From terrible casting, to lack of music rights, they should have just pulled the plug on this project like VH1 should have with that terrible TLC biopic.  With that said THE INTERNET WINS AGAIN with it’s humorous reaction tweets.

I’m just sad that such a great performer I loved as a youngin’ has been reduced to Tweet wars.  Oh well.



There are so many that I can’t quite post them all… but, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. I’m not big on Twitter, but some days…  it pays to be tune in.  See some more by clicking on this link.