Zack Snyder gives us the *official* look at Dawn of Justice’s Batmobile!

Interesting how someone who hates guns has the biggest ones in the DCU.


Earlier this week, there was a leak – via Instagram – of the new Batmobile from the up and coming BvS Dawn of Justice film (see below).

Courtest of @amacro13 Click to enlarge. Courtest of @amacro13
Click to enlarge.

Well, this seems to have led almost directly to which has lead to Dawn of Justice directorZack Snyder releasing this “official” picture via Twitter!

This version has a similar feel to it as the Tumbler from Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight, but with the addition of a Dark Knight Returns-esque turret! I mean, let’s face it, we all want to see Batman driving around in a tank, but in the more realistic environment that Warner/DC seem to be going for, is this really the right fit?

Either way, Dawn of Justice seems to be shaping up nicely, on the Bats side at…

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