2nd Run TV Mini-Review: Breaking Bad Season 3.5

As you know from the FB Page, I’m late to the game on Breaking Bad and have been doing a rewind watch of the series from the beginning.

I’m really starting to get why this show had (and still has) the faithful following it does.  I’m all in at this point.  What I really love is that some of the reactions and events, so far, in the series seem pretty real and feel like things/actions that I personally would do under the same circumstances.  This mini-review is only up to Episode 7 “One More Minute”.  So as always, I do my mid-season mini-review to explain where I am with the series.

The ramifications of Walter and Skylar’s marriage woes are on full display this season, in some hilarious and downright tragic ways.   Gus is upping the ante with Walter and Jesse is on a one man mission to reclaim some semblance of his life and discover the new and rehabbed Jesse Pinkman.  Also this season we’re introduced to the Salamanca Twins (bka “The Cousins”) and they are, in a phrase, ridiculously frightening.  These dudes provide the subplot to a little underground cat and mouse game that shows some intense close call moments and some “killer” scenes.  To describe them, I’d say they are one part “Terminator”, one part “Desperado” and two parts “No Country For Old Men”.

The other aspect I really found admirable about this season is that regardless of what you may think about Walter’s action and his judgment, he loves his family and then some.  This season truly captures the depths of his desire to keep his family together, but also the DUTY of living out and accepting the choices he’s made.  There’s one scene where Gus brings it home with Walter about his “duty” to his family and this is a pivotal moment in the mindset and actions of Walter going forward.  It’s actually a conversation that any man who is having issues with his family just needs to here and put his role in his family into perspective.

No matter what, Breaking Bad has made me a diehard fan this season.  Knowing that I still have 2 ½ seasons to go is nothing short of exhilarating.  Bryan Cranston deserves every award he’s ever gotten for this series.

On to Episode 8.