2nd Run Theater Mini-Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2

For months I’ve been doing mini-reviews on the 3RT Facebook Page of movies that have already run their course in the theaters (and I’m now seeing) or on DVD and it occurred to me (STUPID HEAD) I have a site for that!  So feel free to go read any of my prior mini-reviews on the Facebook Page, but now they’ll be posted here going forward.

Hiccup is back!  Five  years after the first movie, the Vikings of Berk have embraced the dragon rider lifestyle.  Everyone has a dragon(s) that match their temperament and are living la vida loca.  Hiccup, mostly running away from his duties as the heir to the throne, is out discovering and mapping the known world with his faithful pal, Toothless.  However, he and Astrid discover that not only are the Dragon Riders of Berk not the only dragon riders but that they’re also not the first to discover their true nature and ferocity.

Along the way, Hiccup is reunited with his mother, Valka.  She shows him more of the majesty of dragons and we see that there are other alpha dragons (Bewilderbeasts) that can control the dragon populace like Red Death in the first film.  This power is used by the main villain, Drago Bludvist, to wrestle control of the Berk dragons and ultimately destroy Berk and control the world. 

While the wonder of the first film isn’t as present, the fun and tension were as palpable and I enjoyed it almost as much.  There were some scenes that were fairly heartbreaking and the consequences of this new threat were made tragically evident.  Even Hiccup had to find out who he was deep down inside and become the leader his father knew he could become in the end.  There were some interesting surprises along the way that gave this movie a purpose and character that will make the third flick, set for June 9, 2017, a little more poignant.

Again, this wasn’t the better of the two flicks, but it was pretty close.  It’s definitely worth watching, but…  I hesitate letting kids under 6 or 7 watching this.  There are just some themes that may be a little tough to explain to toddlers.

Otherwise, enjoy the dragon ride!!