Futures End Comic Covers – Previews

The New 52:  Futures End is a series that starts off 35 years in the future, simultaneously all of the DC titles fast forward 5 years into the future from the present where Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond travels back in time to stop an impending apocalypse coming where all of the heroes and the world are taken over by machines and what’s left of humanity (and it’s few remaining heroes) is quickly dwindling down to nothing.  There’s even a creepy scene where an aged Bruce Wayne and The Joker are both being surgically altered by the machines into killing machine cyborgs and the Joker’s laugh is so poignant because he truly recognizes the irony of the situation. 

It’s not a great series to be honest.  In fact, after roughly 15 issues, I’m just along for the ride but not invested in anyway.  However, there are some really good scenes with Mister Terrific and Terry McGinnis and I’m interested in seeing who the Superman with the helmet turns out to be.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turned out to be Val-Zod of Earth 2.  However, that remains to be scene.  With that said.. here are some really cool covers of the various series that will begin in the Futures End present.


Thanks to Comics Refueled for the gifs.