Review! ‘The Multiversity’ #1 [Some spoilers]

I really liked this first issue…. it was weird, but vibrant and interesting. Grant Morrison brings his hyper-scifi talents to this series that starts off by trying to stop you from reading.

How cool is that?

The Unending Backlog

Multiversity 1.1 MULTIVERSITY #1 has arrived, and it’s a winner, thanks to Grant Morrison’s handle on complex storylines.

Writer and Scottish bon vivant Grant Morrison sure is intrigued by comic book archetypes and universal/multiversal harmonics—the vibrations that separate parallel universes–and heaps and heaps of meta-commentary. In some ways, Multiversity, the new DC limited series that journeys through the 52 parallel universes of the New 52 line, has its roots in Morrison’s break-through American series, Animal Man, wherein the author himself appeared to explain the meaning of the titular hero’s journey to, well, the titular hero—for the entertainment and edification of the readers. Beyond that, Morrison explored the archetypal nature of superheroes in his brilliant run on JLA and the universes-shattering mini-series Final Crisis, which introduced a number of the characters and concepts to be utilized in Multiversity.

The first issue encourages the reader to put down the book…

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