Batman: Assault on Arkham – “Whoa… there’s a body count” Review

Amanda Waller is one baaaaaaad chick.  Amanda, super spy extraordinaire, has put together a team, Task Force X (bka Suicide Squad), comprised of some of the cruelest DC villains: Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang, Black Spider and King Shark.  The plan is to break into Arkham Asylum and retrieve some information stolen by The Riddler.  Along the way, we find out that (not surprisingly) not all is as it seems, and there’s another side story involving The Joker that begins to take shape.

What I loved about this flick was that it really was no holds barred.  It was like watching a Rated R Justice League episode – and that’s not a bad thing at all.  This was a very villain-centric movie where most of the viewpoint is from Floyd Lawton/Deadshot.  As part of his known history, Floyd does what he does for one reason, and one reason only – his daughter.  Thus, you understand his drive, but also are cognizant of the fact that Floyd really isn’t a nice guy and what he does isn’t nice.  Thus, he leads this ragtag bunch of misfits on this caper to retrieve vital information from Mr. Edward Nygma.  The humor is on spot as the personalities of each villain shines through due the masterful voice talent.

Batman (since it is technically his movie, also voiced by the LEGENDARY Kevin Conroy) shows up hot on the trail to stop one of Joker’s (voiced by Troy Baker – and he did a REALLY good job) mad schemes.  He’s done something particularly dastardly and it, of course, threatens the citizens of Gotham.  So he swoops in to do what he does best while trying to keep the body count low.

However, this movie has a HIGH body count and thus, I don’t really recommend it for kids under 13, but that’s a parental choice.  There are some fairly adult themes and the language can get a bit racy.  As limbs and heads roll quite frequently in this movie, it can be a bit gory at times.  However, gore has never pushed me away and I’m sure any hard core (or mild) Batman fan will have no qualms seeing an all-out war at Arkham.

Highly recommended.  This is up there in my Top 5 favorite DC Animated movies.  Jay Oliva and Ethan Spaulding have done it again.