A Bunch of TV/Movie Reviews – I’ve been busy

The Machine (2013)


New vs. Old.  The Neanderthal vs. Homo sapiens.  Man vs. Machine.  A fight as old as time itself.  The new replaces the old and the cycle continues.  Evolution dominates the genetic dead ends and becomes the dominant species.  Vincent (Toby Stephens) creates Ava (Caity Lotz – Black Canary in the Arrow series) in the attempt to produce technology to help those suffering from brain and physical injuries.  Unfortunately, “nature” has a way of taking on a life of it’s own and creating a path for itself – despite your best intended design.  This is a really good sci-fi story.  This isn’t a revolutionary movie, but it is a really complete one.  You get a truly exemplary performance by Caity and some great action sequences.  This is worth seeing for any true science fiction lover.


Dragonball Z:  Battle of the Gods (2013)


We all know that Goku is probably the most powerful being in the universe.  Well… we THOUGHT he was.  This movie is about what happens when a being with God-like powers meets and actual true God.  Beerus, The God of Destruction, has woken from his decades long slumber only to find out that a being of immense power has awoken and he has to face this being very soon.  He learns that a Saiyan God is present and he intends on destroying this being at any cost.  Thus, he sets his sights on Goku and the rawkus ensues.  This movie made me miss the Dragonball series something immensely and this was the first release of a Dragonball movie in 17 YEARS.  This takes place right in between episodes 517 and 518 in the Dragonball Z series, and if nothing else – you get to see a special performance by Vegeta that will make your jaw drop.  Trust me.


Avengers Confidential:  Black Widow & Punisher (2014)



In this Direct-to-DVD release, the Punisher is recruited by Nick Fury to take down Leviathan – a merciless organization hellbent on ruling the world with their army of engineered soldiers.  Unfortunately for Frank, he has to deal with Natasha Romanova, The Black Widow, as his companion/handler.  Drawn in the modern-day anime style, this is a stylistic take on a side Avengers story line in the spirit of The X-Men, Blade, Wolverine and Iron Man anime series released in the last 5 years.  It’s fun and you get to see Punisher do what the Punisher does best.

The Flash – TV Pilot


As posted on my Facebook page.

The ‪#‎Flash‬ – Pilot Episode: All in all, not bad. It had the right amount of humor, lightheartedness and drama. While not perfect in anyway, it was a good first step in the direction this series needs to take.

I won’t spoil anything because I think it’s worth people judging for themselves. However, I will say that they set the stage for some classic Flash villains quite nicely. In a way, it has more of the Smallville vibe than the Arrow vibe – and that’s not a bad thing. I will say one thing though, Barry’s narration rings every Spider-Man movie bell imaginable.

So on one hand you have a quintessential DC character that has tingles and tickles of other well-known properties. On top of that, there are a few “surprises” in this inaugural episode that should leave you with a smile and slight jaw drop.

This series has the pings of something great. I say that because what‪#‎Arrow‬ did to restart the ‪#‎DCU‬ on TV after ‪#‎Smallville‬, I think Flash has the potential to bust this universe wide open due to the ramifications of the very nature of Flash’s creation. CW may just been handed a gift that will keep on giving.


Aquaman – TV Pilot (2006)


I’m not going to bore you.  This episode was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.  Be thankful this never aired.  Justin Hartley should also be thankful that he got a gig on Smallville because this series would have killed his career – not that I’ve seen him since Smallville.

Oh yeah, and Ving Rhames was in it.  Wierd.