Batman & Son – DC Animated Movie Review



I’m not sure if this a New DCU 52-based movie like Justice League:  War or if this is a stand-alone movie like The Justice League:  The Flashpoint Paradox?  Either way, this is a really good introduction to what I consider a pretty damn good character, Damian Wayne.  In the comics, his origin has been tweaked a few times, but in general – he’s the biological son of Bruce Wayne.  Heir to The Bat.

What I liked about this movie was that it hit the right chords of humor, angst and action.  Bruce is now having to come to terms with his new found parental duties and Damian is trying to cope with dealing with emotions and ethics that have been mostly beat out of him his entire life.  This is a story about family, about history and mostly, about legacy.

Can Batman turn his assassin-trained son into a human being?  Can Damian turn the Dark Knight into a father?  Who knows, but this is the first (I hope of many) installment of the TRUE Batman and Robin story line may yet reveal some of those answers.

What I also really enjoyed in this movie, the “chemistry” between Alfred and Damian.  Hilarious.

LOL! Another great job Jay Oliva.