80’s Cartoons Worth Catching Up On!!

I’m an 80’s kid through and through, so the revisionings and the 80’s nostalgia that’s been dominating the movie theaters for the last 15-20 years were the bible of my youth.  Here is a list of a few cartoon series that still make me smile when I think of them – fondly.  I know fan favorites like He-Man or The Smurfs (or even The Snorks) aren’t on this list, but those were fun series for me – not really the ones that I fondly think back to.

Mighty Orbots

Captain N: The Game Master

Pirates of Dark Water

Dungeons & Dragons


Macross – Robotech

Battle of Planets/G-Force

Voltron (lions)

Danger Mouse

Galaxy High


Real Ghostbusters

G.I. Joe

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends


The Littles

Star Blazers

Bionic Six

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies