‘Beware the Batman’ Review


Episode One:  “Hunted”

Pyg and Toad?  Really?

Whatever, let’s get on with it…

When I think of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, Pyg and Toad don’t even register.  Even with lesser villains in his catalogue, why they chose these two sort of astounds and saddens me.  Is it because he’s the Batman, thus they have to be some sort of animal-like character?  These are villains The Flash wouldn’t waste his time with, yet alone find a challenge to apprehend.   But not only are they a challenge, they get away.  Really?  How sad.  I have to say that my first impression of this series is less than – impressed.

I have a few issues with this series, first and foremost – Alfred.  This character is going to be bothering me all season.  Alfred Pennyworth is better known as loveable, tireless, posh butler, confidant, partner and friend of Bruce Wayne.  It’s well known that he had a stint as an intelligence agent, but now – he’s Vinnie Jones in a butler suit who trains Bruce in martial arts and espionage?

What. The. #@&$!

I get it.  They saw Iron Man and how they revamped Jarvis into the A.I. program J.A.R.V.I.S. and thought Alfred could use a more substantial update for this new series.  I was leery with how they changed that character physically in the movie, but the basics of the character mostly remained the same.  This one – he says some of the same things, but he feels like a stranger and much less grounded than the wizen sage Alfred has always been.

Then there’s Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana.  A well known assassin in the DC Universe (also a loon) reduced to being Bruce’s bodyguard when Alfred is injured fighting Pig and Toad.  (sigh)  We’ll see ow they mess with her characterization.

I will watch this series for a while because I had lesser (but similar) misgivings about The Batman series on CW some years ago and it turned into a decent series, thus I have similar (but more apathetic) hopes for this one.

So this is the new Batman, eh?