Some Random Internet Questions


Q&A Time!!

I’m just posting the answers to a recent Q&A that got sent to me by a friend.  These seemed to have a morality/spiritual bend to them… but, I’m always game.

1. What is the meaning of life?  42

2. Is there a God, a Creator of the world?  Absolutely.

3. If there is a God, does He care for and govern the world or has He left it to fend for itself?  Both.  We have free will to decide our course, but each course is known to God and events are affected accordingly.

4. What is truth?  Whatever God says it is.  I live and I will die.  That’s the truest thing I know.

5. Are their absolutes, good and evil, right and wrong?  No absolutes in terms of what man thinks to be absolute.  People are a hodge-podge of many emotions, desires and impulses.  Sometimes those can make us do really horrendous or beautiful things to one another.

6. If there is truth, where is it?  The Bible, evolution, the Koran?  I take my truth from The Bible.  I also try to be aware of nature around me.

7. Are the resources of our world, food, oil, electricity meant for our use or is our use of them an invasion of the natural order?  Humans tend not to live in harmony with nature, thus the resources we use isn’t a bad thing, we just have no self-control and have a lack of respect to give back what we take.

8. If food is not meant for consumption, why is it so perfect for this purpose?  Who said food isn’t meant for consumption?  That’s stupid.  It’s WHAT we eat that isn’t always appropriate.

9. Is death the penalty for sin or the natural end of life?  The death penalty is a man-made act and penalty.  Death in and of itself is natural.

10. Is there life after death?  I believe so.  Energy can’t be destroyed, just changed.

11. Is there a Heaven and Hell?  We have no idea what either of those terms really mean.  It’s like asking is there an edge to the universe?  How would we really know? But I believe there is a state after death of this form.

12. If there is a Heaven and Hell how do we gain one and avoid the other?  See above.  I just follow the Bible and I’ll let you know afterwards.

13. Is there one way to Heaven or many?  Beats me.

14. Will we get to Heaven by good deeds or God’s grace?  I’ve gotten everywhere I’ve been by the grace of someone.

15. What is the world’s greatest problem?  Not enough humility.

16. How can we solve that problem?  If I could answer that, I’d be a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

17. What is the place of Human Beings in our cosmos?  No idea, but the purpose in grander and more complex than we can imagine.  Or we’re just a cosmic mistake that needs to be wiped out.  Who knows?

18. Do we have significance in the Universe?  Yes, but the WHAT is unknown.

19. Are we more important than animals?  If I say yes, then if there is an alien race more advanced than us – are they more important than us?  Again, humility is needed here.  We have a PURPOSE and REASON, but the WHAT is still in question.

20. If we are not more important than animals, is eating human flesh, say killed in an auto crash, permissible?  This is a moral question – one that society has deemed as a felony.

21. Is human life sacred because created in God’s image or do we have a utility of life ethic, so that those who do not produce become expendable?  Again, another moral question that is judged and changes based upon the norms/whims of said society.  Some cultures frown upon sterile individuals, where others do not.  Some cultures frown upon having too many children, while others do not.

22. Is a farmer more important than a professional athlete?  Depends on what metric you use to determine importance.  If it’s money, then no.  If what they give back to overall society, then yes.

23. Is an actress more important than a soldier?  I’d say see above, but the thing is – they both serve a purpose and are both needed in terms of modern social dynamics.

24. Is there ever a just war?  Yes, but a war against what?

25. What is the purpose of Government?  Unifying governance structure to make sure rules and the physical infrastructure of a society stay intact.

26. Is civil government supposed to provide for all our needs and desires or just protection so we may provide and seek our own dreams?  Both.  It can be a covering during hard times and an engine for growth.

27. Is Obama really a Messiah?  Depends on which conservative is mocking him.

28. Are there other kinds of government that should be encouraged, for example: self government, family government, church government or are all these wrong? All have a time and place.

29. Will the Cubs ever win another World Series?  At some point.

30. Will the Vikings or Bills win a Super Bowl?  At some point – probably when hell freezes over.

31. What is your favorite food?  Asian food.

32. How are you?  Great.

33. Do you love me?  Who?  You?  I don’t even know you.

34. Will you marry me?  o_O  I’m starting to get uncomfortable.

35. Does any basketball player match Jordan?  LeBron comes closest IMO.

36. Tiger or Jack?  Tiger, but he hasn’t beaten Jack’s record yet.

37. Is manmade global warming real or a lie?  Real, but some reality checks are needed.

38. Are more and more taxes and bigger government good for our country or only for politicians?  Depends on what the taxes are used for.  If the government doesn’t work right, big or small taxes is irrelevant.

39. Cats, dogs or fish?  Cats, then dogs – maybe fish.

40. Hamburger or hot dog?  Hamburger… with Blue Cheese.

41. Money, fame, power, sex or Heaven, what drives you?  My car.

42. Children or no children, many or few?  3 kids.

43. If you were an animal which would you be?  The one that eats things and isn’t eaten.

44. yes or no?  Maybe.

45. To be or not to be?  That is the question.

46. What must I do to be SAVED?  Cry out for help, then accept it.

47. Mac or PC?  PC.  I just can’t do Macs.  Apple is so overrated.

48. Favorite movie?  Shawshank Redemption.

49. Favorite quote?  “I ain’t got time to bleed.”  – Predator.

50. How’s the weather?  Could be better, but no complaints.

Aaaand, I’m out!