Continuum Season Two… it’s REALLY good! (some spoilers)


Continuum returns to SyFy, June 7th at 10/9c.

This season picks up right where we left off in Season One.  Kagame has sacrificed himself for the cause he has started with Liber8 and wants Sonya (Lexa Doig) to replace him as the new leader, however there’s one problem – Travis (Roger Cross).  As Kagame’s second-in-command, the super soldier is the next in line to take over Liber8 and continue the mission.  We end with Sonya pulling out a gun on Travis, aiming to kill him.  As you can no doubt assume, this causes all types of issues as this creates a divide in the remaining time-traveling terrorist group.  Thus, this season explores the trials and tribulations the group has to overcome in order to complete their mission and stop the corporations from becoming so powerful in the future.  We also begin to get glimpses into the relationships of the Liber8 members in the future and how they come to be.

Alec: Future and Present

On that note, we continue to get more glimpses into what plans the future Alec Sadler (William B. Davis) has in store for his younger self (Erik Knudsen) and how Kiera (Rachel Nichols) plays a role in those plans.  However, the younger Alec is conflicted; he knows that his future self has a plan, but he also is running from the fact that his destiny is not only mired in pain and suffering of others, but that he may actually be architect behind it all.  Thus, he begins to straddle the line between greed and duty as Kellog (Stephen Lobo) begins to insert his influence on the young Alec, a man who one day he will come to admire.  Alec is at a crossroad in his life; become the titan he is destined to become, or change that future and become someone else – destroying any chance of Kiera getting back to her future and family.

Kiera isn’t out of the woods either, Agent Gardiner (Nicholas Lea) saw Kiera disappear as she activated her cloaking device in her suit during the aftermath of Kagame’s explosion.  He knows that she’s different and is hell bent on finding out who or what she is.  Thus, this season you get to see Agent Gardiner try to put the pieces together to figure out the enigma that is Kiera Cameron of “Section 6”.  We are also getting glimpses into how the future Alec set this whole time traveling jaunt into motion.  On top of that, some of the ills of the future are making it’s way into the past and Kiera is setting her sights to contain the chronal infestation.

What I like about this season so far is that the characters don’t REALLY have any easy answers or choices.  Doing one thing may destroy another.  Doing your job may mean destroying your future.  Being “good” is a novel concept that ultimately may mean losing your life and the war.  Betrayal is a powerful card in your deck, but the repercussions are great and come at a terrible cost.  Who are your friends, and are they worth fighting for?  Who are your enemies, and can they serve your purpose?  Ultimately, is the future worth fighting for and do you know what future you’re fighting for?  These are but a few of the questions that are being asked this season and so far its one heck of a ride worth getting on.

The stakes are high this season – higher than they’ve ever been, and Kiera is just one of many pawns.