Dawn Richards of ‘Danity Kane’ goes under the knife. WHY?!?!?

Via Miss Bernia J reports:

Former Dainty Kane member, Dawn Richard recently got tongues-wagging after she posted an Instgram photo of herself, looking like she’s been under the knife and bleaching her skin to become lighter.

With Dawn’s new facial appearance, especially the noticeable changes in her skin complexion, chin and nose, her followers started questioning her latest look.

However, she denied having anything done to her face, claiming the transformation is nothing more than just make up. So that’s what they call it nowadays?

“Dear all commentators, when or if I get a nose job, I shall let you know. a Bish is never scared to let yo know,” she wrote. Til then enjoy the pic or don’t. Like the makeup or don’t kiss my a$$ or don’t either way is fine.”

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to me if you wear a weave, lighten your skin, chop your nose, chisel your chin, get bigger boobs, butt implants, whatever.  It’s just that to go super defensive to dismiss what is pretty much obvious to a fault, well – that just screams insecurity along the faultiest of lines.  Dawn always was and still is a pretty woman.  So if she felt going Barbie was the way she could make a bigger name for herself in the Hollyweird circle of life – more power to her.  However, it’s just a shame that she felt the need to resort to such a drastic measure being how pretty a woman she was already, but that’s me.

As a father of three beautiful brown girls, who range in complexion from chocolate brown to mocha latte, I strive every day to make sure that I help them understand how beautiful they are, how beautiful their skin is and that THEY believe it as well.  It’s VERY hard for a woman of color to be “seen” on TV, movies and in music as more than a sexual object or as an intelligent and nurturing woman.  They either have to be Shaniqua’s or so rigid, tough and *snap your fingers* independent that they can’t be equally loving wives and moms in a healthy relationship.  Not that I watch ALL movies or TV shows, but in general, this isn’t news to anyone that’s paid attention for the last 100 years.  Let’s put the Tyler Perry projects aside for the moment as I have a whole OTHER set of issues to pick on that subject.

Now – will this transformation from Fatima to Becky-lite translate into sales?  Who knows? Maybe she’ll find a second career as a cover model if the singing thing doesn’t work out.

Regardless, I wish her “New Year, New You” self well and will miss the budding, little, brown entertainer she was becoming.

Say hello to DR2.0.