From the 0_0 Files: 61 yro woman married 8 yro boy?


Now… to the story.



According to Dailymail:

Sanele Masilela tied the knot with Helen Shabangu, who is already married and a mother-of-five.

The boy, from Tshwane, South Africa, said he had been told by his dead ancestors to wed and his family, fearing divine retribution, forked out for a wedding.

They paid £500 for the bride and a further £1,000 for the big day, which was organised in just two months.

It’s already shocked the community but the family has defended the ceremony, saying it was just a ritual and not legally binding.

The ceremony was upheld to make the young boys ancestors happy his mother told reporters.  If he didn’t do this, they were afraid that the family would have something very bad happen to them.

Errr….  ooooooooookaaaaaaaay?