The Final Season of Transformers Prime Trailer


“There will be a new Prime.” – Optimus Prime

Optimus has been damaged, alliances are shifting and the Autobots have been defeated as the final season of the Hub’s “Transformers Prime” kicks off March 22. The series even stretches its name out in the third season, adding “Beast Hunters” to the title, signifying a new “creative direction.”

“The ‘Beast Hunters’ [title] plays to the toy line as well,” said the series’ producer Jeff Kline. “It’s also just a little bit of reminding people that we’re always doing something different.”

Judging from the trailer above, those fans will get a scrappy bunch of Autobots fighting at their usual disadvantage against overwhelming odds and a new foe: the Predacons. There will be new allies as well, some familiar to longtime fans, but those remain secret. The good guys will need them, too, since many of their own have fallen, and the producers have shown a willingness to thin the ranks.

As a fan of the original G1 series/toyline during the 80’s, I have completely embraced this series since the beginning.  The only other Transformers series even worth mentioning was the awesome Transformers: Beast Wars run for 3 seasons from 1996-1999.  The other series, including Transformers: Beast Machines (the sequel series to Beast Wars) were pretty much all total and utter crap.  From the death of Cliffjumper, to the rise of Unicron and now the Decepticon army on Earth, this series has made me proud to know that they can still keep it real for new and old fans alike.  I can’t rest easy knowing that SOMEONE out there knows Transformers and can keep the integrity of the series alive – even if they have to pimp toys too.

This series is ending no matter what, but it’s worth finding the other seasons of Netflix or however you get your video goodies and catch up.  This series is WORTH IT and then some.

March 22nd can’t come fast enough.