What’s up with all these “Harlem Shake” vids?


For one, they aren’t even doing the Harlem Shake which premiered worldwide in G-Dep’s 2003 “Let’s Get It” video.  Anybody, like me, from NYC knows that the real Harlem Shake was more or less invented on the courts of Harlem’s Rucker Park where a kat named Al B pretty much solidified his claim to fame of creating the modern day version it.

So, why are people insisting on calling this new video craze after a dance that already exists?  Who knows, but I will say that it does amuse me to see some of these vids and how creative some of these kats have become in directing these comical vids.   In some cases, in pretty disturbing ways, but all with the expressed purpose of making me chuckle to giggle wildly… or cringe.

Well, enjoy the hilarity.

Now we get weird….

Okay, enough is enough…..  let’s be done with this meme, already.

I agree.


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