Peter Dinklage Joins The Cast Of X-men: Days Of Future Past


It’s not everyday that I find something positive to say about anything Bryan Singer has his hands on, but this… this may actually be the best thing to come out of the disappointing announcement that BS was back at the X-Men movie-making helm.  I have no idea what role he’s playing or even if that role will have powers attached.  But if he DOES have a mutant role, the one I am personally hoping for is the role of the pint-sized, pack of might – Puck.  Puck is the half-man (wink, wink, nod, nod to my Game of Thrones fans) member of Alpha Flight, basically the Canadian version of The Avengers.  This character is also a good friend of Logan (Wolverine) during his days as a Department H agent… before he became a member of The X-Men to save the original members from the mutant island, Krakoa.

Again, who knows which character he’s ultimately going to play, but this movie has gone from a 50/50 viewing to roughly 75/25 with one casting announcement.