BBC3 Canceling The Original ‘Being Human’ Series?

original (1)Well, it was bound to happen eventually, but BBC3 has announce the end of the series that spawned (surprisingly) a BETTER American version of the series of the same name on the Syfy Channel.  Quite frankly, I’m not too sad about this announcement either.  After George and Mitchell left the show, it truly was PALE in comparison to the original series.  Also, by the time it got to the Savior Baby angle in the 4th season, I was pretty much done with the British series and focused my attention on the more cohesive and better written US series.  I know this series is well loved by many, and I don’t begrudge them at all – but, the series had pretty much run its course and needed to just end anyway.  Again, I may be in the minority position, but I stick to that position.

BBC’s press release:

Rob Pursey, the show’s executive producer, Touchpaper says: “Working on Being Human has been a truly great experience. From the first one-hour pilot, all the way through to this climactic series, we’ve been given real creative freedom and encouragement. It’s a credit to BBC Three that such an unusual idea has been allowed to flourish and evolve in its own unique way.


Zai Bennett, Controller, BBC Three, says: “Being Human has been a fantastic and faithful friend to BBC Three. It’s featured some truly exceptional actors and storylines through the years and I’d like to thank Toby and the production team for their vision and passion. However, all good things come to an end and at BBC Three we’re committed to breaking new shows and new talent and who better to pass that baton on than Toby.”

Much like Misfits, the main actors of the original trio decided they wanted to expand their careers and fame with new projects, thus ultimately left the show for greener pastures.  No problem, but unlike Misfits, the transition to the new characters has been awkward to just plain not good.

Either way, I thank them for the years of great to adequate TV and wish the cast and crew well on their new ventures.


The Original and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better cast… of George, Annie and Mitchell.