The Abandon (aka Brothas in the woods)


What happens when five men go to the woods for some relaxation from the world and run smack dab into an alien invasion?  Well, find out in the pilot episode of the web series, The Abandon.  This sci-fi, psychological thriller is directed by the up-and-coming director, Kieth Adkins.  Starring, Sterling Brown, Jordan Mahome, Morocco Omari, Jamie Smith and Eugene Jones, this story has a lot packed into 16 minutes.  From race, homosexuality, unemployment, substance abuse to marital issues, it seemingly hit some of the major social issues without even making it seem like it was forced or – difficult.  Regardless if you’re a science fiction fan or not, there are characters you can recognize yourself in and doesn’t try to make social statements so much as try to tell a story about men that have found themselves in an extraordinary circumstance – but from the perspective of men of color.

The web series premiered on December 21st and has slowly been catching notice of other news/web outlets.  With an almost Lost-like, reminiscent feel, I’m quite eager to find out what’s happening and more importantly, how do these men survive the alien apocalypse.

Great job fellas.  You’ve made me a fan.

Keith Adkins, Director

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