Dinosaurs Galore or Jurassic Park 4


It’s been almost 12 years since the last Jurassic movie and while it didn’t get the critical praise, I think from the average movie-goer standpoint it was a solid outing in what could have easily turned into a trite and gimmicky franchise.  In the last movie, Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil) was unwittingly tricked into helping rescue a young boy who was lost on Isla Sorna (from the 2nd film).  Along the way, they get chased by not only one grumpy Spinosaurus, but a pack of scarily smart and persistent Velociraptors.  Ultimately, the rescue the boy and the team is saved by Ellie (Laura Dern) with the Marines in tow.  TADAAAAA!  That actually would have been a pretty satisfying end to a decent series that had the potential for cheesiness, but actually gave us a pretty cool story of a group of people that had to spend way too much time cleaning up other people’s messes – with dinosaurs.

To date, the plot for JP4 hasn’t been released since it’s still in the scripting phase, but with Stephen Spielberg at the helm again I have lots of hope for this 4th installment.  Will Alan Grant return?  Will Ellie find it in her heart to lend her talents to the team once again?  Will Tim and Lex make a triumphant lead in the next installment (last seen in the beginning of JP2)?  Who knows, but one thing is for sure – I plan on finding out.

Universal Pictures has set a release date for Jurassic Park 4, which will be shot in 3D and come out June 13, 2014.Steven Spielberg is returning to produce the next installment of the franchise,

the last of which came out in July 2001. This comes after the studio has made plans to rerelease the original Jurassic Park in a remastered 3D version in April.

Spielberg, whose latest film Lincoln was just nominated for 12 Oscars, this week put his sci-fi pic Robopocalypse on hold;

he was scheduled to direct that this spring, but had a new take on the project and decided to retool.

There had been speculation that Spielberg would tackle the widely rumored Moses epic Gods And Kings, but this project appears to be officially on his front burner.

Okay – I’ll bite.