Wait… what? J.K. Rowling wants to write a Dr. Who story?

j-k-rowling-imageAt first, I was like…  no.  I give J.K. Rowling all the props in the world for publishing what I consider one of the best written(seriously, it’s a well crafted book), mediocre series of books I’ve read.  She has amassed over a billion dollar fortune telling the tales of Mr. Harry Potter and his motley crew of friends.  I’m not fan of the Potter series as it was always a story that lacked catharsis or even epic-level resolutions.  Each movie seemed to leave me in one indifferent mood after another.  I only went to see one of the movies in the theater, The Half-Blood Prince, was super-underwhelmed and basically decided that I would never do that again and resign it to HBO-viewing only.  I fell asleep on Deathly Hollows – Part 2 twice, again was underwhelmed by the ending and haven’t been interested in revisiting that universe since.

Now she is POSSIBLY looking to lend her talents to the Doctor Who series.  Again, my first reaction wasn’t a pleasant one, but the more I read about the project she may be tied to, the more I though this was a brilliant idea.

With Who‘s 50th anniversary this year, the BBC has announced plans to publish 11 new Doctor Who short stories written by a roster of “well-known children’s authors.” Yes, 11 stories, meaning each incarnation of the Doctor will be getting his own unique tale.

THIS I can get behind.  In fact, I HOPE this actually comes to pass and that J.K. is a part of this.

Curious? I am.

Publisher Juliet Matthews offered this tease about the project:

“We are delighted to have 11 sensational children’s authors involved in the series, all bringing an individual style, imagination and interpretation to their eshort tribute to The Doctor. This is a who’s who of children’s fiction coming together to celebrate the much-loved Doctor Who.”

My initial reaction was based upon the fact that Steven Moffat occasionally has guest writers do an episode or two of the current TV series.  The most renowned that I am aware of is by the famous author, Neil Gaiman written episode, The Doctor’s Wife.  So while I don’t know Moffat’s relationship with J.K. (if any), the thought of her writing content as a part of the television series didn’t appeal to me at all, but for short stories?  Perfect.

I hope this is more than rumor and will actually come to fruition, but even if it doesn’t the project in itself is worthy of support and I hope all Doctor Who fans get behind this effort.


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