A Good Day To Die Hard – Trailer

I’m a fan of the Die Hard series and am PROUD to say that.  I thought the Live Free or Die Hard was a very entertaining flick that gave me the humor, action and hijinks that, as an 80’s child, I grew up loving watching all the Arnold and Stallone movies.  This time around John is pulled into yet another action adventure as he and his son, Jai Courtney (of Spartacus: Vengeance fame) as Jack (not seen since the original Die Hard) take down some nasty Russians.

This is the equivalent to the Resident Evil, Saw, Final Destination or Fast and Furious franchises.  As long as people keep going to see them, and as long as the main actors still want that pay day… these movies will continue to be made.  Period.

While I have no confirmation of this, could this be a transition film that allows Jack McClane become the new action hero?  While it did NOT work in The Bourne Legacy, maybe this will have an easier franchise to pass the baton.

Jack and John McClane

There’s no point hating on the franchise.  Jump in, the water’s fine.

Coming, blasting through a wall at a theater near you… Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013.