WANT: Glow in the dark Fringe Poster

originalI don’t ask for much in life, but I WILL be asking for this and purchasing it my man cave.  For fans the TV series Fringe, the first 4 seasons centered around the two universes at war with one another.  Where events in the past of the Red (alternate) Universe happened in a slightly different manner, thus producing a present slightly different than our own in the Blue (our) Universe.  For instance, you see in the top image, the skyline as it appears in NYC today.  However, if you look in the bottom (glow in the dark) image, you see the World Trade Center buildings as 9/11 never happened in the Red Universe.

Either way, this is just another excuse to break out the black light (calling the 90’s) and have yet another conversation piece to have the chance to put another possible person onto my second favorite series on TV (next to Sherlock), Fringe.  This print is sold out, but I WILL find and buy (for a little more than reasonable cost) it.

In honor of Fringe coming to a close, Gallery 1988 is running “Fringe Benefits,” an interactive art series that encourages fans to vote for their favorite Fringe episodes to turn them into limited edition screenprints. This ingenious print by Mark Englert, based on the Season Three episode “Plateau,” uses glow-in-the-dark ink to illustrate the differences between our universe and “over there.” Look for what appears—and who disappears—when the lights go out.

Procedes from “Fringe Benefits” support The Mission Continues, which provides community service fellowships for veterans. Sadly (but not surprisingly), this print has already sold out, but keep your eye on the “Fringe Benefits” site for more prints inspired by the show, and check out more of Englert’s work on his blog.

Fringe Benefits [via Popped Culture]


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