Fringe’s Seth Gabel in now Arrow’s Vertigo!

SethGabel-thumb-550x318-108404For fans of Fringe, like myself, you loved BOTH version of Seth Gabel’s Lincoln Lee; the cool, reckless, rocking one from the Red Universe and the reserved, repressed but analytical one of the Blue Universe.  Either way, you got a character you could sympathize with and was teary-eyed to see both go away near the end of season 4.  However, Seth is bringing his great acting skills to CW’s Arrow series as the criminal known as Vertigo.

“Vertigo’s an adaptation of Count Vertigo from the comic book series,” said Gabel in an exclusive interview with Blastr. “In this, it’s a much darker depiction of the character. I play a street thug drug kingpin who sells a drug called Vertigo on the streets of Starling City and has people hooked. At the same time, he’s hooked on acquiring more money and power and essentially taking over the streets.”

In DC Comics, Count Vertigo is man who was able use technology he acquired as a youth with an inner ear infection, distorted the technology to actually produce a sound wave that induces intense nausea and even cause death after long exposure.  His device can also affect video and audio equipment.  With his power of flight and levitation, he can be in unexpected places to cause the most mayhem.  His character has shown up in many incarnations in the various animated series, but I’m sure the CW incarnation will be one of the most unique yet.

Welcome back Seth, you’ve been missed from our TV screens for too long.