John Kerry Nominated For Sec of State? Keep Your Eye on Massachusetts!


At age 69, John Kerry is no stranger to the limelight or national stage.  While not an insider, he’s still a key player during important moments in President Obama’s administration.  However, his nomination comes after a bitter dispute over U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s possible nomination and her subsequent withdrawal.  What sticks out in my mind is that she fell on the sword (or was asked to) in order to prevent a long and bitter nominating process and a possible black-eye to the Obama administration.  I personally felt that Obama should have planted his heels in the ground and just told McCain and crew, “This is my gal.  You want to fight over this?  Fine, let’s rumble.”

Susan Rice

However, ultimately her appearances and commentary about the Benghazi attacks on the Sunday morning talk show circuit proved to be too tenuous a period to overcome.  I still don’t believe that was the case, but – it’s not like it’s my call to make.  On top of that, the same opposition force was touting John Kerry’s (easier nomination process) credentials as the alternative the President should consider.  With all due respect – why?


A few things are pretty obvious at this point.  1.  This IS a black eye to the administration for “caving in” to the opposition’s position in a way.  I think if Obama had said what I stated above, he would have been supported.  Remember, he was elected by majority female and minority voters.  It wouldn’t have been a slam dunk, but he would have still been on the high ground and even if he had lost, he would have been seen as a fighter.  2.  John Kerry really IS the most qualified person to take the position.  His time off and on as the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee makes him an OBVIOUS runner-up choice for the position of Secretary of State.  So no disrespect to him because he can do the job and then some.  3.  Scott Brown may come back into play.  The about to-be former Jr. Senator from Massachusetts may be teed up to run for Kerry’s spot should he (easily) successful complete the nomination process.  Another possible scenario is that we have another Kennedy in the office in the form of Ted Kennedy Jr., son of late Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy.  However, it could be a slightly uphill battle against Scott Brown as polls show that he has an advantage.  Scott Brown may have lost against Elizabeth Warren, but he still has a large support network in Massachusetts.

I get it.  This is politics and it’s a game of chess, not checkers.  However, I’m of the opinion that there could be a significant loss to offset the significant gains due the ruckus sounding the Susan Rice nomination.  John Kerry is a WORTHY candidate for Secretary of State, but his nomination came at the price of an equally worthy candidate in Susan Rice.  It’s too soon to tell how this will affect public opinion of the Obama administration, but I know one this is for sure – he’s getting the side-eye look from a lot of supporters now.  I hope it was worth it.