A TV Show To Watch Out For: Primeval New World



This is a spin-off series to the original series Primeval that ran for 5 seasons from 2007 -2011 on the U.K.’s ITV.  It airs on Canada’s Space channel.  This series takes place seemingly not too long after the events of the last and final season of the original series.  The series revolves around these naturally occurring anomalies that are little tears in space and time that are gateways for prehistoric creatures from all eras to enter the present.

 Evan Cross, genius inventor and founder of Cross Photonics, is in search of portals that are popping up near his home in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Evan, having had a traumatic experience with a dinosaur from the past wants to understand the phenomenon and hopefully prevent anyone else from having a similar experience.  Along the way, he meets Dylan Weir, a conservation officer and expert in animal behavior in a case that involved her partner.  His trusty sidekick, Crystal, develops a system that allows them to track anomalies.  Evan eventually recruits one of his hotheaded/hotshot employees, Mac to be the muscle to his brains. Angelika, the CFO of Cross Photonics, tries her best to get Evan to run his company instead of running after anomalies.  Last, but not least is Lt. Leeds who is the sole member of a crackpot (or is it?) government program called Project Magnet and is the Canadian Government liaison to the team.

L-R: Dylan, Crystal, Evan, Leeds, Angelika, Mac

What I like about the series is that it pretty much keeps the tone of the original series, but has it’s own little flair.  I thought that because it felt almost like a copy/paste of season one of Primeval that I would quickly lose interest.  What I found is that I liked the characters, especially Dylan, more than I figured I would.  The special effects are a tad bit better this series than where the original series started, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a superior show.  In fact, one of the main negatives of the show is the fact that it’s a bit shallow.  I find that Evan’s character is a bit on the  jerkish side almost for the sake being jerkish.  We know he’s smart, but he’s also a bit of an airhead when it comes to making some common sense decisions in the show.  While I blame that more on the direction more than the acting, what it does is sort of make you roll your eyes a bit when he takes these “I’m doing this for the betterment of all – and I’m really self-sacrificing too” sort of stances.  Which bring me back to another strength, the cast.  Angelika is a STRONG character and is a much needed kick in the tush to Evan when he goes too far off kilter.  I also find Crystal to be delightfully innocent and naive, but still intelligent with a “can do” spirit.  Dylan is also a good counter-point to Evan’s brash behavior and quite frankly – silly delusions of grandeur.  Thus, I feel the show’s strengths, more than outweighs its weaknesses and is worthy of any fan of dinosaurs and just good ol’ popcorn adventure and fun.

Syfy acquired the rights to broadcast the series for a release date sometime in 2013.

I HIGHLY recommend this series and expect it to be a surprise hit in the US.