Actors Who Need To FIRE Their Agent

Katherine Heigl

Smart, funny, pretty, self-deprecating and but your project goes wood with her in it.  The thing is, I like her as an actor – but I see why she’s a box-office laxative.  Granted, she was on the hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy (which bored me to tears), but her box office run has been shoddy to poor at best.  Honestly, the biggest breaks she’s had in that arena were Knocked up (hilarious) and 27 Dresses (not so much).  I know she has a few movies slated to come out, but if the past is any indicator – D.O.A.  It’s time to get a new rep.

Gerard Butler

I really don’t know what it is, but ever since 300, his career has had one flop after another.  Now, I thought Gamer, Law Abiding Citizen and RocknRolla were decent flicks.  Not the best movies, but worthy of much more attention than they got.  His street grit appeal, look and poppy personality seem to be more of a turn-off to the mainstream public than I would have ever thought.  Now, he does have the How To Train Your Dragon franchise under his belt, but unless his big breaks are going to come off screen, he needs a career boost with someone that can find him a decent script STAT!

Boris Kodjoe


I don’t know what it is, but this dude irks me to no end.  Oh, I remember now – he’s handsome man that can speak German fluently, but he’s one of the most wooden and uncharismatic actors I’ve ever seen on film.  However, in an age where Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison can be considered A-List actors, being wooden doesn’t seem to be that much of a detriment – but, his string of mediocre to terrible projects are starting to mount up.  I literally stopped watching his TV show Undercovers in the middle of the episode when he went undercover as an Irish “Westie” in one episode.  That was it… I was through and J.J. Abrams has been on my “I’m Not Sure About You Anymore” list ever since.  Truthfully, if it wasn’t for the Resident Evil Franchise, he’d have no career at all.  Back to Undercovers for a moment, his co-star Gugu Mbatha-Raw should be a star right now.  She was the only good about that show, so I hope Touch comes back soon.

Summer Glau

This one makes my heart sad because Summer Glau has been one of my favorite genre actors since Firefly.  She has an quirky presence, but one that isn’t too stylistic or nauseatingly stiff.  I don’t know why Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles failed after two seasons, but it was a show that really had the potential to be one of the great genre series on TV.  Maybe it was Lena Headley – people seem to dislike her in general.  That’s probably what makes her such a compelling character as Cersei Lannister in the Game of Thrones series.  She also has a re-occurring role on SyFy’s Alphas TV series and it’s one that suits her mannerisms and subtly strong personality.  The Cape just wasn’t a good show, so I don’t really give her much grief over that, even though her character was not THAT interesting either.  Regardless, I hope she finds a steady project that she can have more than a re-occurring role in and make the name for herself that many in the geek community believe she deserves.  Note to her agent… get it together.

Dondre Whitfield

I actually like this dude.  I think he’s refreshing on the screen and has a lot range to pull of just about any role he’s been given, but boy – he needs a career jump.  Outside of Cold Case and the Ghost Whisperer, it’s been pretty dismal for the man.  The Event COULD have been his breakout series had it not sputtered to the finish line only to be canceled.  Make no mistake, with the amount of roles he’s played in this decade alone, he’s going to eat well – but, I hope he finds a home somewhere and has at least some notoriety if not true stardom.