Poo-Pourri! No… Seriously. It’s The Bomb.


Sooooo… my wife, her eldest sis, my youngest daughter and mom-in-law get back from what they describe as one of the most hellish trips they had ever taken to San Antonio.  However, the event they went for itself, they loved.  My wife had gone to San Antonio to attend a surprise 50th anniversary party for her God-parents.  She loved meeting her God-sister, God-brothers, etc.  However, she stayed at what she described as “The Bates Motel”, the same place where the actual function was taking place.  It was such a horrid experience, she won’t even tell me the name of this craptacular venue so I can put it on blast

However, in the midst of the madness, she was introduced to a small little slice of heaven by her God-sister, called Poo-Pourri.  I kid you not.  I laughed my tail off when she first described to me what it was and refused to even consider using it.

Basically, for those of you that tend to funk up the bathroom during a bowel movement – this is your savior in a bottle.  No longer must you strain and sweat, with your leg twitching frantically as you wait to find a solitary place to do the #2.  No more embarrassing looks as you leave a  friend’s bathroom and avoid looks as someone goes in behind you to enter the Vapor Room of Death.  RLMAO!!  Seriously…  this stuff is the truth!  What you do is before you’re about to drop bombs on Baghdad, you spray about a few squirts into the toilet water – then, do that do you do so well when do that doo-doo.  🙂  You smell virtually NOTHING but the scent of lemon.  Then when you flush the toilet… again, nothing but freshness with a hint of lemon.

Hmmm…. it’s is lemony goodness.

After finally caving in to my wife’s pleases, I ran out of the bathroom swearing up and down this product was THE BOMB!  LOL!!!

They have a whole series of products for your shoes, men, women, whatever.  Go to Poupourri.com to see what they have going on for all you funky folks.

My wife details her love the product on her blog:  Off The Soapox.  Feel free to follow her all you parents, parents-to-be or educators out there.  She gives great advice and educational tips as a career educator and mother.