5 Things That Are Making Me Angry Today


5. Last Resort was cancelled – HOW???  WHY???  This show is great TV and not just because Andre Braugher happens to be a great actor – it’s a damn good story too.  I get it – low ratings, the TV company has to pay bills and advertisement is key.  However, this AGAIN goes to show why the Nielsen Rating system is archaic and has only served to 1. pretty much alienated me from watching most network show or even give them a chance, and 2. only strengthen my resolve to view more programs from across the Pond and up north from the U.K. and Canada.  I now have nothing to watch on ABC – good job there.  I’m a DVR guy and have no reason to change.  If that means that network TV becomes the 4th option in a three option selection?  So be it.


4. #YOLO – Whoever started this God awful and stupid meme should be taken out into the town square, stripped bare and flogged to within an inch of their life.  Yes, you only live once – but you also have to live with all the dumb stuff you did while still alive.  Life is the longest thing you will ever do – for good and bad.  Go ahead, use #YOLO as your rallying cry – then you’ll be on your #DOLO trying to recover.  Idiots.


3. John Boehner – Dude, you’re a MOE-ron.  I know you have to get reappointed as the Speak of the House in January, but seriously your indecisive and divisive tactics are basically making you look like a super-tanned Pillsbury dough boy.  If the Tea Party pokes you in the stomach, I half expect you to giggle and roll over on your back.  Man up, already.


2. Andrea from “The Walking Dead – I’m seriously not trying to hate her character, but she’s quickly becoming the “Dumbass of the Year” with her self-imposed blindness and unwillingness to see facts that are laid out in front of her like a toaster strudel.  She’s one of my favorite characters in the comic and was one of my favorites the first two seasons of the show.  However, this season has pretty much made me a believer that she won’t and shouldn’t make it past season 3 alive – or dead.


1. The cashier lady at the 7-11 down the street from my house – You’re giving me grief because I doubled up on the cups in order to not burn my hands from the hot coffee?  Because your folks didn’t have the decency to put out the paper cup holders this morning?  Then get snarky and expect me to pay for the coffee twice because I had two cups – with no coffee holder?  Do you realize that messing with me first thing in the morning without coffee in my system is like walking up to a hungry Bengal tiger and yanking its tail?  For about 2 seconds, I had an out of body experience.


Okay.  I vented.  Now on with life.