When Politics Have To Be Left At The Door

Barack Obama, Chris ChristieFor the last four years, there’s been a lot mudslinging and horrible characterizations of the President and his opponent, Mitt Romney and it seemed that the fabric of what made America great was coming apart at it’s seams.  Chris Christie, the poster-child of the new Republican movement, has been a vocal and boisterous critic of Obama, his policies and his administration.  However, on October 30, 2012, that (for the moment) had to be laid aside.  New Jersey, in particular, was in crisis and it was time to put aside partisan politics and unite as one country.  It was time to be less political blowhard and more leader of people.  Obama immediately reached out to Chris Christie and he, like any leader should, accepted all the help he could get from his federal government.

Mitt Romney during his run for nomination once stated that he would get rid of FEMA and put the work in the hands of the private sector.  That’s all well and good when the sun is shining and no major natural disaster is in effect.  However, after Hurricane Sandy, it was apparent why FEMA is needed and why when an adept Commander In-Chief is at the helm it can be an effective tool to help those in a time of crisis.  The President was there for New Jersey, as he will be for all affected areas.  He was there for Chris Christie, as he will be for all his political friends and foes during this time.

While today, this weekend and even well after the election the political jabs, barbs and snipes will resume, for at least a couple of days, people took off their red, blue and even purple hats and just wanted us all to come out on top.  Hurricane Sandy, outside of leaving a path of destruction, proved one thing – we aren’t so far apart that we can’t come together and work as one.  We’re Americans – let’s start acting like it.

Obama and a NJ resident