Bryan Singer back on the X-Men director’s chair


Well, it’s official, Bryan Singer will be directing the next installment of the X-Men: First Class franchise, “Days of Future Past”.  The adaptation to the classic Uncanny X-Men Issue 141 & 142.  Only the second X-Men movie to be in production that revolves around a story that starred Kitty Pride (the other movie being “The Wolverine”), that probably won’t have her starring – or even having a cameo role in the movie.  Okay, I get it, I just wish the movie producers had a little more foresight into the matter.  However, I will not cry over spilled milk.

Now, I was IMMEDIATELY interested in Matthew Vaughn directing the sequel, less so with Bryan Singer at the helm.  It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I detest Bryan Singer on anything X-Men related, however “Usual Suspects” is probably one of my top 10 movies of all time.  I thoroughly hated his emo-vision of The x-Men.  He took a dynamic and socially relevant group of mutants and made them into the whiniest and lackluster team I’ve ever had the displeasure to witness.  Now, with that said, the first 10 minutes of ‘X2″ with Nightcrawler doing amazing acrobatics and “bamfing” sequences was probably the best 10 minutes of the entire franchise to date.  Bryan Singer at the helms really makes me a little nervous.  Matthew Vaughn had the right pacing, direction and vision for the franchise and I’m afraid we’re going to have a return of the Uncanny Mope-Men.  I know it’s the cool thing to hate on “X-Men: Last Stand”, but my opinion has always been:  If I can’t get the X-Men I love, at least give me the action I desire.  Ratner made a crap movie, but at least it was exciting to watch.  Singer’s two previous movies at times made my eyes glaze over.  Some people call it storytelling, I call it stretching a scene on a limited budget.  :/

I’ll cross my fingers, but for this fanboy – who started his love of comics in the midst of the “Inferno” series that ran through the X-Men comics and offspring in the late 80’s, I’m not that thrilled about this news.

Okay… I’ll get over it.

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