“The Wolverine” Promotional Poster


I can’t be the only one that was sort of underwhelmed by “X-Men Origins:  Wolverine“.  It’s not that it was poorly written, poorly plotted and was conceptually inept.  Those were just the HIGH notes.  The real crime of XMOW, was that they completely ruined a perfectly awesome (I know I know… that’s a debatable topic and I expect to get flamed for this statement) character in Deadpool and reduced him to a mouthless and pointless amalgam of some script writer’s mutant orgy.  In the “Hulk vs. Wolverine” animated feature, they got it.  Dead on.  Deadpool is “The Merc with a mouth”.  He’s the unrelenting and 4th wall breaking, internet troll, assassin for hire of the Marvel Universe.  How could you screw that up with Ryan Reynolds, the slick talking, internet troll, character actor for hire of Hollywood?  Anyway, I digress…

First impressions, a very John Cassaday-styled poster that told me that MAYBE they were going to take this new movie in a more serious direction.  Then I remembered, this is Fox post-Bryan Singer era.  This will probably be one step darker than X-Men Origins, but pretty much a “nod and wink” version of my very first beloved superhero.  As this will take place in Japan, I’m guessing they will take queues from the classic 1984 “Kitty Pride & Wolverine” mini-series.  Either way, I’m not fully on board, but there hasn’t been one comic-based movies (including “Road To Perdition”, “A History of Violence”, and the craptacular “White Out”) that I haven’t seen on the big screen.  So… with a “ho-hum” I will probably see this one as well.

The collected edition